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The Killer Robots! Crash And Burn Download Movie Free > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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Robot mercenaries are sent on a mission to activate a machine that will bring about a new age of enlightenment.
This film is likely to be a cult classic. It it reminiscent of a Gwar video but with less nudity. If you are looking for high-art or some main stream action adventure, then skip this film.<br/><br/>This film does something new and unique! The visual style is quite cool as it blends live acting with computer generation. The costume designer and make artists have done a great job in creating the characters. The actors have done a good job playing multiple roles without being obvious (I had to read the credits to figure that out). <br/><br/>This team has managed to put together a fun movie with limited budget and cast. This film won&#39;t win any Oscars. It might not even be that good… but I enjoyed it. <br/><br/>I have no affiliation with this film nor it&#39;s crew.
Like the reviewer before, watch this movie at 4:20 pm… what can I say, it blew my mind.<br/><br/>Tons of amazing costumes, outstanding visuals, so many cheesy one- liners my brain hurt lol, and great characters. The music will probably become a cult classic by itself, it fits perfectly with the tone of the film. It&#39;s one of those movies that feels like you took an actual journey with the characters themselves… and ended up a better person at the conclusion.<br/><br/>Apparently they made this with no budget over 5 years, and if that&#39;s the case, it&#39;s incredible. Either they had some money or an extreme amount of time and dedication, either way… kudos for making the trippiest film I&#39;ve seen since the Forbidden Zone.<br/><br/>So if you like B-rated science fiction/fantasy, check this out… you won&#39;t be disappointed. And it&#39;s totally a B-class film, in the likes of Dr. Who, Red Dwarf, and Manborg, so don&#39;t be expecting Star Wars or Transformers quality film-making.<br/><br/>But if you want to see something that will expand the limits of your imagination, check out &quot;Killer Robots! Crash and Burn&quot;. This is independent film-making at it&#39;s finest, this is the type of movies we need more of. Sorry to end that sentence with a preposition.<br/><br/>Get the movie and a group of your friends, and watch this Saturday right around 4:19 pm… thank me later.

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